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Medical Clearance


What is a Medical Clearance?

Medical clearance is a standard procedure required in order to play a sport, attend a certain school, join a fitness program, start a new job, before a surgery, etc.  It’s important to make sure your body can withstand the stresses of the activity requiring the medical clearance. For example, most youth and adult sport leagues will require a medical clearance exam to prevent an unexpected injury due to an unrecognized underlying condition.   A medical clearance usually consists of a doctor visit where your medical history is reviewed, a physical exam, and any needed testing is ordered.  If you are cleared healthy enough to participate in the activity you desire, the doctor will provide the medical clearance necessary to move forward.  For surgeries, keep in mind that the decision about whether to proceed with the operation belongs to you and the surgeon.


Especially as it relates to surgeries, the term “medical clearance” is a bit misleading because it implies that there are no risks.  No one is free of risk when undergoing a procedure. One of the goals of a medical clearance is to determine the level of risk and to identify opportunities to improve or optimize anything posing medical risks. A routine medical clearance can give you peace of mind.


What can I expect at the Medical Clearance Exam?

Your medical clearance exam is going to be similar to a regular physical exam, but will also be tailored to the needs of the specific Medical Clearance purpose.  Depending on your health history and what the medical clearance is for, you may be required to undergo blood or urine testing, X-rays, EKG’s or possibly even cardiac stress testing.  Your doctor may also address any current or potential health problems, or provide you with follow-up care or additional postoperative instructions.   


At Premiere General Medicine we provide reliable medical clearance for sports, jobs, surgeries, etc.  We have onsite, same-day laboratory services including preoperative blood, urine, and EKG testing.  Click here to schedule your Medical Clearance Exam.

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